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Great PR can lift your brand awareness, build credibility, earn valuable backlinks, drive referral traffic, engage your target audience, and ultimately bring more sales.


Every writer needs expert contributions for their content once in a while. You can be that expert in your niche, and it’s easy.

All you need to do is to subscribe to a feed of media inquiries via services like HARO, Sourcebottle, ResponseSource, or JournoRequests.


2. Newsjacking

Newsjacking is an always-on PR tactic. It’s about monitoring live news and spotting opportunities to put your brand at the center of conversations by reacting with expert commentary and thought leadership pieces.

It means you have to be fast, reactive, and useful. But the rewards are huge if you can excel at these.


3. Leverage what’s trending in the world

This is self-explanatory. Take anything that’s trending, use your creative skills to blend your brand’s message into it, and you can get great exposure. And that can be in any format.


Timing is an important variable when it comes to the previous tactics. But you can crush media coverage by pitching your resources at any time too.

A linkable asset is a type of content that writers tend to refer to, so it earns backlinks quite easily. They can be data studies, unique insights, infographics—anything that others find valuable for their audience.


A brand ambassador is anyone who’s regularly in the spotlight representing a company. This is often an employee with the power to influence the community. But you can form these long-term partnerships with anyone. I’m sure you follow some influencers who’ve been promoting certain products for years.


Some brands share values and common traits in their audiences. Joining forces to appeal to both customer bases can work across niches for win-win campaigns.

The most utilized partnership is producing co-branded products. These are often limited editions with an urgency factor to its demand.


7. PR stunts and guerilla marketing

A PR stunt is anything unusual a company does to create media buzz. It’s a creative effort that sometimes defies traditional forms of communication.

This is best explained in a few examples.

We’ve all seen this one. Red Bull organized the highest altitude jump in history. This not only perfectly aligns with the brand, but it’s also literally a stunt. And by the way, it was co-branded by GoPro for obvious reasons:


8. Promote your values by standing up for something

Think about some brands you like and their brand purpose, mission statement, or what they stand for. Most brands fail at communicating any reasonable brand purpose. Selling a product that solves people’s problems is usually enough—no need for a higher good.

But because the competition is low, it’s your chance to shine if there’s any higher good close to you. Stand for something you truly believe in, walk the talk, and you’re in for some great PR.


9. Turn negative publicity into good PR

Being able to turn an unfortunate event that can hurt your company’s reputation into something good is undoubtedly challenging.


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