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The best countries to relocate to

With the pandemic, many people were suddenly able to work remotely and were free to explore moving to different countries. To make the transitions more accessible, many countries created digital nomad visas.

  • Researchers found that Norway was the best option for those wanting to relocate for a year or so. Norway has one of the most accessible work visas to use as there's no end date.
  • Mexico was second best, following by Germany, Portugal, and Iceland.
  • The next best countries were Greece, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Spain, and Bermuda.


The travel insurance marketplace InsureMyTrip.com used the following criteria to find out the best and worst place for relocation.

  • The cost of the remote working visa
  • Length of the remote working visa
  • Average internet speed in each country
  • Happiness levels for each country according to the World Happiness Report 2020.
  • Acceptance of outsiders, according to Gallup poll
  • Average rental apartment costs as per the study by Numbeo
  • Ease of learning the local language, according to language training estimates.


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