Pregnancy is an exhilarating time, filled with excitement and preparation for your new baby. Taking care of our teeth while pregnant can often be the very last thing on our minds and most of us have no idea just how important it is! Both for you and the new baby, maintaining optimum oral health during pregnancy is a must!

Good preventative care and follow up care are important to keeping your mouth healthy and your baby safe. Always inform your assisting dentist about your pregnancy status.


Dental Care During all Stages of Pregnancy | Westend Dental

  1. Dental x-ray: It is safe as radiation dose is minimal and directed toward teeth. Patient will be provided with protective lead shield.
  2. Tooth extraction: Only emergency extractions are recommended, carried out usually during 2nd trimester because baby's organs are developing during the 1st trimester.
  3. Dental anaesthesia: Procedures under local infiltration is safe.
  4. Dental fillings: Non-invasive fillings are safe. Root canal treatment can be performed during 2nd trimester
  5. Teeth cleaning: They are completely safe and encouraged to avoid pregnancy gingivitis


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