Why your dog move his legs when you do belly rub?

When you rub your dog's belly the nerves below the belly send signals to the nervous system and an involuntary action of jerking of legs will start. The nervous system thinks that there are few bugs on the belly and tries to remove them by shaking legs.

But we feel happy looking at them doing that ☺️ ☺️



The Meaning Behind 21 Strangest Dog Behaviors | Jaw-Dropping Facts about Dogs

The Meaning Behind 21 Strangest Dog Behaviors | Jaw-Dropping Facts about Dogs

Jaw-Dropping Facts

Why your dog kick after pooping?

We think that they kick to cover the poop but, dogs have Pheromones glands located in the scent glands of their feet. It helps them to mark their territory. 

we also see our dogs smelling other dog poops but they are actually smelling the Pheromones of other dogs. From the scent, they know what is the sexuality of the dog, and mood of the dog, and the health of the dog.

So next time your dog smells the poop of other dogs then don't pull the leash 😁.



Why your dog scoot? (drag their butt on the floor)?

We all think that they clean their area by dragging themselves on the floor. But it's not true.

While the outer area inflammations are rare but the actual issue could be they have a problem with anal sacks which are glands located below the anal. 

The glands release liquid which helps your dog to communicate with other dogs. 

Ever noticed your dog smelling the other dog anal? The reason is the smell can tell a lot about the dog's condition.

If those glands are bloated, blocked, or inflamed they feel the irritation. So they drag themselves. You should consult a vet if this is happening more often. 



Why your dog hump on you or other guests?

We feel awkward when our dog humps on the guests we have invited over dinner or lunch. 

Although it is not socially acceptable behavior for us for them it could be a way to show different emotions.

They don't hump due to sexual desires they hump to show who's the leader in the house and show that this is their territory. 

When a new guest comes it shows them its authority over them in its territory.

It could be a way for them to greet you.

So if you want to change this behavior distract them with toys or ask them to do other activities for which they get treats.



Why your dog dig?

I always feel that they just love to dig but it could be one of the reasons only.

The dogs dig to hide food or toys.

The pregnant dog digs due to the nesting instinct to make a home.

They may dig to cool themselves from the hot sun. (The dog knows which is the coolest part in your yard)

But more often they dig to alleviate the boredom or just for fun.


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