Key difference between nightmare vs night terror-
  1. Nightmares and night terrors typically happen at different points in the sleep cycle. Nightmares occur during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, the stage of sleep when vivid dreaming is most likely to happen. Night terrors typically happen during non-REM sleep, specifically stage-three sleep. This stage is also called deep sleep.
  2. how you might react when you wake up-
  • With nightmares, you may wake up easily and still feel scared but ultimately be able to think clearly. But when it comes to night terrors, you may be hard to wake up, and be confused if someone does manage to wake you.
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Nightmare vs night terrors- know the difference

When it comes to comparing night terrors and nightmares, you might assume that they’re both bad dreams of varying intensities. But night terrors AKA sleep terrors are more than just super-intense nightmares . These are actually two separate sleep conditions with some major differences.

Unlike nightmares, night terrors are considered a parasomnia , a type of disorder marked by abnormal occurrences during sleep. These episodes involve sudden bouts of intense fear, screaming, and thrashing around while you’re asleep. Night terrors are more common in people with mood or anxiety disorders or PTSD.

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