It's Ok, to procrastinate sometimes.

Leonardo only finished 15 artworks in his lifetime. He had so many interests and often lost interest once he solved a problem. He was terrible at following through with commissioned work and there is a lot of historical evidence of patrons pursuing Leonardo to finish a work. Some of his contracts even had finish clauses that if he didn’t finish by a certain date he had to return any money earned up to that point! 

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It’s OK to have multiple interests

Often involved in pagentry and event planning for city activities and royal or ducal families. Some of his drawings people assume are for war are actually contraptions to help create special effects during those events. In this multidisciplinary activity he could make art, costumes, use science to create special effects and bedazzle the crowd and his clients. This fostered his imagination and helped him develop ideas beyond his time in science and art.

Embrace your childlike wonder

he was interested in EVERYTHING. Curious about all kinds of topics, he continued to ask questions like children of today do (why is the sky blue for example, one he answered in his journals) until his death. He even had long to-do lists filled with odd questions.

He dissected animals and people to study and draw them and fully understand things like how our eyes work as well as how many muscles are involved in creating a smile.

He also regularly drew & dreamed fantastic ideas that were impossible during his time. He had some of the first ideas for scuba diving gear, how to get men to fly, & more

Use the power of your imagination

he uncovered how part of the heart works that no one could figure out until the 1970s!

He did city planning, imagined war weapons, studied how water moved, made musical instruments, studied light and how it reflects, and much much more.

He was master on geometry and optics, his paintings aren't just imaginary form of ordinary lines but the combinations of shadows, colors and reflections. 

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