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The Supreme Court Of The United States

The Supreme Court Of The United States is the final expositor(an entity explaining complicated ideas or theories) of the U.S. Constitution and also the final court of appeal.

It was created by the Constitutional Convention of 1787, and formally established after the Judiciary act of 1789. It serves mostly as an appellate court, where decisions are sent for appeal, hoping for a reversal.



  • The Supreme Court comprised six justices till 1807, after which they were increased gradually, amounting to ten in 1863.
  • Appointments to the Supreme Court and the lower federal courts are made by the President along with the Senate.
  • These appointments are made for life terms, and there has been only one case of impeachment till now, which also resulted in an acquittal.
  • As the volume of cases increased, nine intermediate appellate courts having final authority over appeals were added.


The Supreme Court has exclusive discretion over its caseload and hears about a hundred cases per term, which begins on the first Monday of October and ends in late June. 

It receives about 7000 review requests over decisions each year, called certiorari requests, which at least four justices go through.


The decision-making process is first made in secret voting, and then the official decision is issued.

  • If the voting is in favour of the Chief Justice, the justice who will issue the official decision is chosen by him/her.
  • If the Chief Justice is in the minority, the longest-serving member of the majority will create the official decision.


Executive administrative and judicial actions by the Congress and the State are subject to be reviewed by the court, through the process of judicial review. The Supreme Court has nullified state laws and regulations that were unconstitutional or discriminatory.

There are various clauses and amendments, like the Fifth Amendment or the Fourteenth Amendment that have been used to protect people and companies against repressive or draconian acts of the government.


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