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Breaks:What We dont realize


 We have the tendency to over-indulge into our work and we forget that life isn't forever it's a special time that you get

 Taking breaks is a part of your life and as essential as any other thing in the world, when you take breaks you give yourself sometime to rejuvenate which leads to even better results, it helps to reduce stress

We may have different definition of breaks but for me it's time OUT OF what's making me feel differently from who I am. A relaxing break can help to facilitate recovery, by returning your mental and psychical functional systems to their baseline.


Tips to not forget how to take breaks>3

1. Set alarms

2.Pay attention to any benefits you experience when you take a break – this will lodge in your mind and motivate you to take breaks in future.

3.Plan out something fun in that period so you allow yourself to give time and do what you planned

we all have different lives so you all can customize these plans according to your schedule!


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