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Our culture and its obsession with partnered relationships

Many people genuinely enjoy being single and the concept of remaining single for the rest of their lives makes many people uncomfortable.

Our culture is submerged with the notion of long-term romantic relationships and marriage is an antiquated way of defining a long-term committed relationship. However, happiness can also be found even when we are by ourselves.

Instead of prioritizing one person by default, we can decide for ourselves who or what really matters to us, and live accordingly.



Single at heart is used to describe the people who find their greatest fulfillment and meaning without a romantic partner. Authenticity is crucial to these people and traditional paradigms do not fascinate them.

Many people find that some activities, such as traveling or political campaigning, provide them with the same level of passion as a romantic connection, but some people simply do not want to be in any emotional trappings of a relationship.

How you choose to define yourself completely depends on your and your tastes.



Enjoying being single
  1. Defy singlism and apply conscious effort to reject the false assumptions of society.
  2. Go on solo adventures because the persence of a companion does not affect a person's overall enjoyment.
  3. Reframe your thinking and take the time to reconnect with your self. Understand which parts of you are fantasizing and what reality is for you.
  4. Practice radical acceptance in order to acknowledge whatever pain you have without judging yourself.
  5. Find your purpose and build your inner strengths. Create concrete plans once you've reflected on your overall purpose in life.



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