Know how to deal with haters.

No matter how hard you try to please everybody there will always be somebody who is jealous of your success or popularity. They express negativity towards you in an attempt to deny your accomplishments and friendships. They watch for any little mistake you make, point them out, and never say anything positive to you or about you. A physical confrontation, inappropriate messages on social media, or less than chivalrous emails might be a part of their strategy to make you look bad. It is impossible to satisfy everybody. Therefore, it is important to know how to deal with “haters.”



How to Reply to Someone Who Hates You

1.) Walk away.

Walking away from a confrontation with someone who hates you does not mean that you are admitting defeat or accepting the reality that a perfect solution cannot be reached. Instead, it demonstrates that you have complete control over the situation by not engaging in their negativity.

•Haters never offer constructive criticism or positive feedback, only criticism.

•Listening to a hater will only ruin your day. All of the negativity will do is hurt your feelings, make you angry, or incite you to participate in the pessimism.



2.) Stay calm.

A hater will get under your skin whenever they can. It is important to stay calm when this happens so that a physical confrontation does not occur. Stay level headed and understand that a hater does not deserve a response from you, especially in retaliation.

•By staying calm and not responding to their attacks you demonstrate that their opinions and destructive comments are not valued by you.

•Remaining calm will conserve your energy for more positive pursuits. Do not waste your time or energy on a situation that does not deserve your attention.



3.) Do not offer an apology.

Since a hater will seek out negativity and place undue criticism on you don’t submit to their turpitude. They will want you to explain your mistakes in front of others to reveal your imperfect self.

•Value your self-worth and don’t degrade yourself to their level unless they treat you with the respect you deserve as a person.

•It is probably unwise to reply with a smart comment or to try and play it off as nothing important because it gives them an opportunity to turn the tables again on you for not addressing their accusation to begin with. Let them embarrass themselves without help.



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