1. Quiz yourself

"Don't reread stuff, or highlight it, or do any of the things you probably did in college,What you want to do is quiz yourself."

Number of studies show that self-testing is an extremely effective way to speed up the learning process.

  • Partly that's due to the additional context you naturally create. If you quiz yourself and answer incorrectly, not only are you more likely to remember the right answer after you look it up, but you'll also remember the fact you didn't remember. (Getting something wrong is a great way to remember it the next time, especially if you tend to be hard on yourself.)


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2. Summarize and share with someone else

Study shows it's definitely true that those who teach learn faster and retain more.

"you have this memory of actually discussing it. And you bring it to life."

Even just thinking that you'll need to teach someone can make you learn more effectively. According to the researchers, "When teachers prepare to teach, they tend to seek out key points and organize information into a coherent structure. Our results suggest that students also turn to these types of effective learning strategies when they expect to teach."

The act of teaching also helps improve knowledge.


3. Connect what you just learned to experiences you previously

Associative learning is the process of relating something new to something you already know — by learning the relationship between seemingly unrelated things.

In simple terms, whenever you say, "Oh, that makes sense: This  is basically like that ," you're using associative learning.

Need to learn something new? Try to associate it, at least in part, with something you already know. Then you have to learn only the differences or nuances. And you'll be able to apply greater context — which will help with memory storage and retrieval — to the new information you learn.



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