Sankat Mochan

Sankat Mochan

by Ashish Pandya

1. The appetite for risk

The difference between an entrepreneur and an employee is. People with the highest intellect and qualification are found to be working for the 'not-so-qualified' ones for the same reason.

2. True Friends are blessings

You are fortunate if you have friends to laugh with. But you are truly blessed if you have friends to cry with. Friendship is like life seen through a kaleidoscope. 

The glass pieces within, are all broken, scattered, and lonely. But the lens of friendship creates the most wonderful designs out of them.

3. Breakdowns are underrated

It is only after a breakdown, that one can repair the problem, may it be a fault or wreckage. This is vital for uninterrupted and prospective journeys, while the credit goes to the breakdowns. But we're so used to cursing the short-term issues. Essentially, they are the ones that bring long-term solutions.

4. Honor Feedback

The most important key to the success is to honor feedback and quickly align with their requirements. If you don't have feedback, you'll never be able to improve yourself.

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