Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park is located in Eastern California. During the summer it is one of the hottest places on Earth where the highest recorded temperature of it reached 54.4°C or 130F.

However, whenever the hottest temperature gets updated a historical artifact claiming that the hottest temperature it reached is actually 57°C or 134F. This was assessed and is claimed as an observer error.



What the 'hottest day on record' really means | Popular Science

How We Record Temperatures

The Automated Surface Observing Systems (asos) is what we use to collect data of temperatures, precipitation, cloud cover, wind speed, and pressure.

We have been using the asos since the mid-90s and on average these send data reports every 20 minutes.

Official weather-taking themometers are different from the ones that people install in their houses. These official thermometers need to be shielded from external factors that can influence the temperature outcome.


Why Temperatures Matter

Our systems for measuring temperature are more accurate now with all the automated readings and less of the "to decipher" handwritten records. Although there is still a chance for an anomaly to occur, it's pretty rare.

What happens now is that due to the temperatures rising worldwide and with the data we have, we cannot and should not ignore the wrath of intensified weather.


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