You too can become an Achiever!

What does it take to become an achiever? Simply, achieving your goals!

The single biggest determining factor of an achiever & a non-achiever is "Attention"

Achievers know how... 

To direct their attention to goal related activities and how... 

To withdraw their attention from non-goal activities!

Questions achievers ask themselves are...

In a given week where is my attention going to?? Am I habitually obsessing over my goals?

Deliberately put your attention in your goals. 

Even, during short spare times, visualize yourself taking action steps instead of checking your phone!



Being an Achiever – Steve Pavlina

Determining factor of your quality of life!

Attention with good energy & focus is one of the most scarce resources.

In a given time period, there are competing interests, externally & internally, which require attention

However, among all these activities, there is a voice which yearns for the attention related to your goals in order to live a life of meaning & purpose.

If you starve this part of attention, it will pay you with low motivation, low self-esteem & general scarcity of resources.

However, if you give the required attention, you will be rewarded with high energy, abundance & sense of purpose.

Ultimately, its your choice!



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