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How I Built 2,200 Profitable Connections on LinkedIn

How I Built 2,200 Profitable Connections on LinkedIn


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Finding Your Targets

You have multiple options for identifying the people you want to connect with on LinkedIn. It could be your CRM, maybe using the search function on LinkedIn or setting up alerts on Google. 

With some of this you’ll have a company name rather than an individual, if that is the case, the...

You have two avenues to understand your possible connections— their profile and their activity.

  • Take the time to read their profile, look for the things they talk about, the problems they solve and the things that interest them. This information will be critical in sta...

Start going through their activity and find appropriate posts to comment on. Your comments need to be good. No ‘awesome!’ or ‘thanks’ or ‘interesting’. You need to express an opinion and give them a chance to respond. 

The goal of commenting is for the person to become aware of...

  1. DON’T send them a generic sales message as soon as you connect. It doesn’t work, it prevents long-term engagement and gets you a bad reputation.
  2. Talk to them.. Ask how they are. Comment on something you have seen that would be relevant to them.
  3. ...

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