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Seth Godin on How to Get Your Ideas to Spread

Seth Godin on How to Get Your Ideas to Spread


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Seth Godin on How to Get Your Ideas to Spread

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Lead with ideas

You can not change what people think, or their narrative. Yelling the loudest is not gonna do anything in a world with infinite options. 

You win by being remarkable: have a great idea, build a worthy product around it, reach out to the weird people. 


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Mass production enabled by the assembly line, requires mass distribution, which requires mass marketing: "How can we make as many people buy our stuff?"

"Mass-" anything means average. If you are gonna advertising something to everyone, you better make something everyone wants to buy. Problems:

  1. Most common problems have been solved & price is the main differentiation.
  2. Consumers can now turn off advertising. They have a remote control and they are not afraid to use it.


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Seth Godin

The good news everything is a click away. The bad news is that everything is a click away. The question is whether you are worth reaching. Wether you are worth buying from.


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The attributes of a collaborative economy

Nobody knows how to build a mouse ... on their own. One would have to understand plastics, electronics, manufacturing, supply chains, etc. Only a team can produce value in this new collaboration economy. This requires:

  • coordination
  • trust
  • permission - the privilege of delivering messages to people who want to listen
  • sharing ideas

These principles require 2 foundations: generosity (because nobody likes selfish people who just take and never give back) & art (which begs for connection).


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What did the first fax machine owner do? He told everyone about it so that he could have who to communicate with.

Having a remarkable product means it grows through word of mouth. It's how most successful companies grew. 

When you have a remarkable product, which stands up for something, authentic ... remote controls don't matter.


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Kamiwaza = authentic God-like

Kamiwaza(Japanese word) is when you try to be the myths, the superheroes, and the channel gods. Kamiwaza is the destination in the pursuit of excellence.

Godin ties the notion of kamiwaza to those who can truly make a huge impact in our post-industrial world – the new age artists, including entrepreneurs, executives, and artists. Anyone who dares to destroy, create, & connect.

Kamiwaza is the opposite of focus-group product building, which creates mediocrity. It is about creating authentic products with soul.


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Good ideas come from bad ideas

You needs lots of ideas to get a few good ones. Good ideas are a metric of quantity not just quality. 


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People like us do things like this

We like doing what other people are doing. That's why culture works. But not all people. Our people. We are in sync with our tribe. Who's job is to tell people how to be in sync? Yours. 

Marketing today can be summed up as "People like us do things like this". We just have to figure out:

  • who the people like us are and ... 
  • how to invent a product, a culture, a movement for those people.


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