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6 Signs You’re Burnt Out, Not Lazy

6 Signs You’re Burnt Out, Not Lazy



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What Is Burnout ?

It is a negative state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by stress and Inability to cope with it.

You Feel Disconnected From Everything

  • People who experience Depersonalisation feel emotional emptiness.
  • They don't feel engaged by anything.
  • They struggle with sense of helplessness and inability to take back control of their lives.

  • Laziness is a character trait and remain overtime.
  • You used to be self motivated and high achieving but have only recently become exhausted.

You Used To Be Passionate

  • You start losing interest in the things you once felt passionate about.
  • You might even hate or resent it because of how much you overworked yourself.

You Become Moody And Irritable

  • You start to have trouble controlling your emotions.

  • You start to socially withdraw from others.
  • You stop making an effort to look good.
  • You tend to spend most of the time yourself doing nothing because you are easily exhausted by even simple tasks.

Five Stages Of Burnout

  1. Honeymoon Phase
  2. Onset Of Stress –Optimism,interest,motivation and performance start declining.
  3. Chronic Stress
  4. Burnout
  5. Habitual Burnout – Continuous mental and physical exhaustion become more intense and harder to treat

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