Social networks enhance our real lives

In the 90s, Reid Hoffman built his first startup, SocialNet. He asked himself questions like "How do you form connections?" and "How do you bring people together around common interests?".

Even though SocialNet failed, he got this insight from it: "We're all trying to navigate our real-world lives. We're not trying to go to cyberspace. We're trying to have a rich and interesting life where we live and where we work. So we're trying to improve our real identity, our real relationships, and navigating the world around us."



Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn Co-Founder | The Brave Ones

Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn Co-Founder | The Brave Ones

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Outlook on social networks

Reid Hoffman invests in networks and companies that, as people get into them, the value is added to their life by the other people in the network. Examples of investments:

  • Flickr - photo sharing
  • - music sharing
  • Zynga - game playing
  • Facebook - social network

He works and hopes for a society and a set of networks by which we'll make each other better. We learn how to improve ourselves and each other through connections, dialogue, collaboration, and working together. He wants to build services and technologies that allow us to become our better selves as we help each other do so.



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