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Your Addiction to Outrage is Ruining Your Life

Your Addiction to Outrage is Ruining Your Life


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In 2020, outrage is the latest drug of society. It’s more acceptable than alcohol and it’s more addictive than anything you can swallow, smoke or inject, because while heroin or methamphetamine are clearly harmful, anger feels so damn righteous.  

Outrage is like a lot of other things that feel good but over time devour us from the inside out. And it’s even more insidious than most vices because we don’t even consciously acknowledge that it’s a pleasure.

The biggest problem with outrage, however, is that it has been weaponised. Outrage sells like crazy, because it’s a strong emotion and strong emotions force people into action. That’s why political parties, instead of coming together to find solutions, whip their supporters into a frenzy of anger...

The mainstream media is by far the worst culprit, however, because without your attention they don’t have a business model. They have to make you keep clicking and tuning in, otherwise their advertising dollars dry up. That’s why everything is increasingly sensationalised and it’s no longer about...

How is it working out for you?

Has constantly reading, liking, retweeting and commenting your outrage made your life any better? What’s it actually doing for you? Has it helped you earn more at work? Be better with your family? Made you more fulfilled? Has it accomplished anything ...

In other words, the world might not be improving fast enough for you, but it’s improving every day. So here’s a free piece of advice: get off the screen, go outside and spend some time in the sun. Spend some time with friends and talk about things that make you happy. Hell, go a...



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