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The 5 Phases of Introversion You May Experience

The 5 Phases of Introversion You May Experience


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The 5 Phases of Introversion You May Experience

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Many of us know we are different from others from our earliest childhood memories. I was nudged outside to play by my mother when all I really wanted was to do my own hobbies inside by myself. I always had a small group of two or three friends, but wondered why I was tongue-tied in groups and was never confident as a kid. I didn’t even hear the term “introversion” until my late teens and didn’t connect with it until my early 20s.


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With negative stigmas and false definitions of what it means to be an introvert — like being a recluse, narcissist, and icicle — all around us, it is easy to consider this new label as a curse.

We have no one to guide us and not enough confidence to reach out and ask others. Instead, we need to take the lead. Find some good resources (books, websites, mentors, or therapists) to help you learn and grow.


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Introverts finally recognize there is nothing “wrong” with them. Everyone in the world is unique. We have plenty of strengths that are just different from those of our extroverted friends. Rather than thriving in social gatherings, debates, or brainstorming sessions, we often excel with listening , planning, curiosity, creativity , measured consideration, and thoughtfulness.


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We may finally embrace our introversion, indeed our true self, for the first time. We are at peace alone . We understand how to manage our energy levels to continue to perform during long days. We are placing our well-being first by carving out some energy-boosting alone time (through things such as writing, music, meditation, and/or walks). We are confident in who we are and understand that others will benefit from hearing our perspective and feeling our warmth, both at work and at home.


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Dreams that seemed unattainable become feasible. We not only champion and embrace our own introversion, but we also share in the hope of short-circuiting this long journey for our kids, teammates, and community members. 

We may also apply our bolstered confidence and style to lead at work, create independently, or opt to change professions altogether. Many of us will find a home using our introspective traits to teach, create artistically, write, or lead teams with our wonderful talents that were bottled up for so long.


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