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Henry Shukman on "Why We Sit"

Henry Shukman on "Why We Sit"


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Henry Shukman on "Why We Sit"

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Default Network - the slow dip of suffering

For ages the common thought was that during rest our mind is resting. But science proved that our minds are active even when we are not doing anything. This is what's called the default network. We are not resting, we are lost in thought.

Our thoughts (in this default mode) focus on the past or the future and they come with an emotional baggage that build anxiety. It's like a slow drip of continuous suffering.


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Meditation is More Life

Life happens now. But an unexamined mind bounces between anxiety caused by ruminating about the past or fearing the future.

Sitting meditation is an exercise in awareness of this default mode. We sit to know the world how it really is. This awareness created the opportunity for more present living. It's an exercise in regulating our minds.

You have to notice you are in a Matrix so you can start having glimpses of Reality.


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