Detoxing Is a Hoax

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Detoxing Is a Hoax
Dominik Martin/Unsplash Welcome to , our list of the most pervasive misfires in the effort to feel and look better. We asked the experts and consulted the best science on all the questions you have about each of these wellness fads. and share with your most misinformed friends and family members.


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Detoxing is a hoax

There's no evidence that drinking a series of juices, teas, or any of other so-called 'detox' product...


Toxins explained

A toxin is something that can be harmful to you, but this is about as broad a term as it gets. There's a spectrum; toxicity depends on what it is and how much you take in. 



Your liver helps you detoxify

Pretty much everything you do ingest goes straight to your liver, where some complicated chemistry determines what to do with it. 

If it's something useful the liver sends it out into ci...


The long game

The enzymes your liver is using to break down unwanted compounds are made from substances in certain foods you eat—specifically whole fruits, vegetables, and protein.

You should be having ...



Your body doesn't need outside help to detox

Your body doesn't need outside help to detox

Your body is capable of handling toxin removal all on its own. 

While it's true that things like a regular habit of drinking too much can eve...

Detoxing is not an easy fix

After end-of-year binges on unhealthy and often processed foods, the post-New Year's detox can feel right. People love a quick fix.  The issue is that they're just not sustainable.

True health is about making long-lasting changes that you can stick to, and that's the opposite of what a detox really is.

Slashing certain macronutrients

Carbs, protein, and fat are the trifecta of perfection for keeping your body healthy. 

  • Carbs offer both physical and mental fuel, 
  • protein helps keep you full and is the building block of muscle, 
  • fat is satiating and prettifying (it often has skin-improving antioxidants). 
When you eliminate these important nutrients, you may see slowed metabolism from drastically decreasing calories, dry skin, decreased energy, and crankiness.

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The word "detox" is used in 2 different ways

The word "detox" is used in 2 different ways
  • Medical detoxification programs that help people with serious alcohol or drug problems to get clean.
  • Home detox diet marketed to us with promises to rid our bodies of “toxins...

Our body has its own detoxing mechanism

Your body is constantly detoxing itself without special teas, juices or diets. You can help it to do its job by eating a healthy diet, drinking water, taking regular exercise and getting the sleep you need. 

Use detox as a metaphor...

... for changing old habits. Perhaps you should think of a detox as a new start, a metaphor for shedding old habits, rather than something that flushes impurities from your gut and your organs. 

Detoxing ≠ juicing or cleansing

Juicing or cleansing practices are techniques for detoxing. 

There are dozens of different protocols you can follow to perform a detox, though not all are...

Your body's detoxing systems

The effects of modern life — pollution, poor dietary choices, contaminants in our food and water, stress or a sedentary lifestyle — can compromise the body’s ability to effectively detox the way it’s supposed to. 

The result of this toxic internal “congestion” is that we gain weight, develop diseases and lose our natural energy and vitality.

Tired or sick

While it’s normal to feel somewhat fatigued during the first few days of detox, most experience more energy and sleeping better once they’ve adjusted.  Mostly, detoxing shouldn't make you feel tired or sick.

Part of the reason for this is that your body is doing less work digesting, which means you’re getting the benefit of that saved energy.

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