Here's what we know about the bizarre new virus 5G conspiracy theory that led vandals to set 50 cellphone masts on fire

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Here's what we know about the bizarre new virus 5G conspiracy theory that led vandals to set 50 cellphone masts on fire
5G conspiracy theories have been around since at least 2019. 5G is the next generation of mobile broadband. It will offer faster speeds than 4G or 3G, and is currently being rolled out in different countries. There have been conspiracy theorists about the supposed harm of 5G radio waves since the tech began gaining public attention.


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5G and Pandemics

5G and Pandemics

A bizarre conspiracy linking 5G and the new virus has taken hold in the UK.

The theory holds that the rollout of faster 5G internet is either causing or accelerating the spread of the v...



5G is the next generation of mobile broadband and offers faster speeds than 4G and 3G.

Conspiracy theories revolve around the supposed harm of 5G radio waves. The basic idea is that 5G ...


No evidence

There is no evidence that 5G or any other kind of radio waves are harmful to people.

  • Your phone relies on radio waves. These waves are on the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum ...


5G is blamed

The 5G conspiracy theory suggests that the rollout of the tech had somehow exacerbated the pandemic.

  • A post on Facebook claimed Wuhan in China, where the new virus started, is also w...


Arsonists upped their attacks

Phone masts in Birmingham, Liverpool, and Belfast were damaged in arson attacks in early April.

  • While uncertain about the motivation of these attacks, the mayor of Liverpool said he ...


Addressing the conspiracy theory

UK Cabinet Minister Michael Gove called the theory "dangerous nonsense." The national medical director of NHS England Stephen Powis said the mobile phone networks are absolutely critical ...



Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories

In the earlier times, conspiracy theories were a convenient way to cover up the inadequacies of the government, and putting a set of helpless people as a scapegoat, cloaking the misdeeds or mismana...

We Love A Good Story

The organic and unpredictable nature of conspiracy theories had led many researchers to investigate the cause of the phenomenon.

  • Successful conspiracy theories always tend to invent a great villain, have a backdrop or a backstory, and a morality lesson that can be easily understood by most.
  • Great stories are by nature more magnetic and appealing than the truth.
  • Human beings think and understand in stories. For thousands of years, fairy tales, legends, anecdotes and mysteries have helped our brains make sense of the world.

Collective Hysteria

Every society has its own, unique anxieties and obsessions, and the conspiracy theories that gain good mileage are the ones that tap into these primal fears.

Example: Many people fear vaccination of the children due to fears that the mass drive to vaccinate such a large population has some ulterior motive, like a mass medical experiment. The dodgy past record of the health care system, and the fact that the vaccination is free of charge, of course, adds fuel to the fire.

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The Common Cold

With over 200 different kinds of viruses that make up the common cold, Science is struggling to find a cure.

Adults suffer this elusive, widespread, and infectious disease 2 to 4 times...

The 7 Identified Virus Families

Scientists to date have identified seven virus families that cause the majority of colds:

  • rhinovirus
  • the new 2019
  • influenza
  • parainfluenza
  • adenovirus
  • respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)
  • metapneumovirus.

Vaccines vs Drugs

For Doctors, vaccines are preferable to drugs as they protect the host even before any infection.

For Pharmaceutical companies (Big Pharma), vaccines don't spell money, as much as over-the-counter drugs and treatment do.

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The new virus

They are a group of viruses that cause respiratory infections, including the common cold.
They can infect certain animals and spread from one animal to another. They can reach t...

The symptoms

Common symptoms: coughing, fever, and shortness of breath. Non-respiratory symptoms (feeling nauseous, vomiting having diarrhea) were also reported.
The virus is more violent with the elderly, the very young and with individuals that have a weak immune system. The majority of those infected however recover after a few days.

Spreading the virus

Coughs or sneezes from an infected person are the most likely to spread the virus. So it's essential to follow basic hygiene rules:

  • Wash your hand often during the day.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with your inner elbow or a napkin.
  • Don't touch your eyes, nose, or mouth with your hands.
  • Stay inside if you have any of the symptoms and avoid interacting with people that show signs of the infection as well.

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