How To Be Interesting

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How To Be Interesting
Your partner, your family, your coworkers, your Uber driver and maybe even your dog will thank you. Imagine this: it's early in the morning. Against their will, a troop of texting teenagers shuffles towards you. They smell like gum, Axe body spray, Doritos, sweat, passionfruit cherry lip gloss and angst.


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Being Interesting Is An Art

Being Interesting Is An Art

It isn't about being perfect, articulate, or factual (which can be a put off), but about opening a channel of communication so that the other person wants to understand what you have to s...


Be Interested

Being excited, enthusiastic and interested in what you have to say rubs off on others. Even if your core topic is dull, you can connect it with something interesting.


Ignite The Dialogue

Rambling, ranting and lecturing only makes others wish the conversation was over yesterday.

Listen, and spark some real dialogue and conversation by making others participate, being genui...


The Power Of A Story

Stories make us listen. Storytellers are interesting by default.

A personal story is a military-grade technique to connect with others provided it's genuine, heartfelt and interestin...


Laughing Together

Laughing together is a beautiful way of connecting, and helps people remember what is being discussed.

Self-deprecating laughter, or laughing at things that are absurd and unexpected...



Waiting patiently

Patience is not the ability to wait for something. Patience is our attitude towards waiting.

And the truth is we are becoming more and more impatient, mostly because we are now us...

Mark Manson

Mark Manson

"Patience wins in an impatient world. When everyone else is in a hurry and distracted by the latest Tweetstorm, sitting back and merely observing the planet’s slow, arcing trajectory–and noticing it has been unmoved by almost anything that has happened lately–is the supreme advantage, both in terms of getting ahead, but also just in becoming a stable and non-insane person."

Learn to be still

Block out time to be still. Finding moments of stillness in our lives increases creativity, makes us more productive and also helps us stay grounded in our emotions.

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Guilt-Free Play With Friends

An alternative to gym style physical exercise is just doing any physical activity that gets you sweating and your heart racing. You can do that by playing with your friends. Incorpor...

Unplug From All Sources Of News

Alarmist news and content can be one of the biggest sources of anxiety. Unplugging from it decreases your anxiety and gives you more time to do more positive and beneficial activities.

It’s important to be informed of noteworthy events but you can do that without making it a part of a routine. Block or avoid bad content whenever you can.

Consistent Bedtime

Sleeping eight hours a night will help you keep your body and emotions in balance. You’ll be more relaxed, more productive, and far less anxious.

20-minute naps after lunch will also replenish your energies for the rest of the day.

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Allow yourself to be unhappy

Wanting to get away from the unhappiness doesn’t make it better. It usually just prolongs the pain.

Instead, tell yourself that it’s OK to feel unhappy. Pause and allow yourself to fee...

See the pain as aliveness

Being alive means feeling pain, feeling fear, feeling disconnected sometimes. Allow yourself to feel it, and imagine that this is what living feels like.

Because life isn’t numbness and avoidance, and it’s not all butterflies and sunshine.

Find gratitude somewhere

Find three happy things in this moment to be grateful for.

Even small things we take for granted, like eyesight and music. Having relationships. Being supported by millions of people. Being able to do all the things you can do. You can find gratitude for any of these things, at any time. 

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