How to Fight Back the Human Instinct to Flee When You Panic

How to Fight Back the Human Instinct to Flee When You Panic

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The need to survive

The need to survive

When faced with dangerous situations that can actually put an end to our life, we tend to panic and, therefore, want to run. This is quite normal, taking into account the fact that our amygdala...


Choosing to flight

Dealing with difficult situations can make your life so much harder that at some point you might just decide to give up on your dreams and ambitions. However, it is exactly this behavior that leads...


Keep fighting with your outcome in mind

Whenever you feel stressed or overwhelmed, just imagine a positive outcome to your challenging current situation. Soon enough, if you keep fighting for that outcome, it will become true.


Fight like a professional

If you feel like you have more than you can handle on your plate, maybe it is time to look at things from another perspective. Try breaking the tasks into smaller pieces and handle each at a time.


Choose the right option

In order to win, you have to know when to keep fighting and when to give up. It may be easier said than done, but this is the only way life works.



A feeling of purpose

A feeling of purpose

During crises, we can feel a heightened sense of purpose and connection. Crises lead many people to find deep value in their work, develop professionally, and grow personally.

While most of ...

Small actions

You may feel overwhelmed and obsess over the big things you can't influence. Instead, try to act on whatever aspect you can control, regardless how small.

Try a number of things and see what works. Small actions can generate feedback and allow you to discover more meaningful goals.

Consider your unique skills

Proactive employees use an approach where they redesign their work to better fit their strengths and interests.

During the current crisis you can fight the recession by keeping your business functioning, thereby feeding families. More significantly, you can shape your job to contribute solutions to the current problems of your community. By partnering with others, you can maximize your impact.

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The need to remain in quarantine

The last three months have been extremely difficult for the entire world since the new virus made its presence known. People are requested to remain in quarantine worldwide in order to enable the h...

Health and the economic systems

During these dark days of the pandemic, countries chose to respond differently in front of their common enemy: while China made a goal out of saving as many lives as possible, the US seems to have decided on prioritizing the economic system over the health care one.

Our perception of the new virus

When faced with a danger like the current virus, individuals tend to have a reaction of whether extreme fear or one of denial. 

These reactions could be explained through a number of well-known facts such as our tendency to take into account the first-order effects, rather than the second- or third-order ones, the overall mentality which is mostly linear, not exponential and the focus on one-off solutions rather than trying to refine routines.

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Change and the unchangeable

We like to think that things can be changed. That we are in control somehow.  That's why “never” hurts, because never means that it can’t be changed. “Never” means it’s over. It’s gone. And ...

Meaning and relationships

  • We generate meaning through relationships. And meaning is the fuel of our minds. 
  • Our relationships also define our understanding of ourselves. And when one of these relationships is destroyed, that part of our identity is destroyed along with it. 

Depression vs. sadness

  • Sadness occurs when something feels bad. 
  • Depression occurs when something feels meaningless. 

When something feels bad, at least it has meaning. In depression, everything becomes a big blank void. 

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