How To Manage & Cultivate Personal Energy

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How To Manage & Cultivate Personal Energy
When I'm tired and low on energy, even the best things in life don't bring me joy. I never understood this for years. I regularly kept asking myself "Why am I not enjoying my work today?" It's because I was low on energy on those days.


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Jerry Seinfeld

“I think money is great. But physical and mental energy is the greatest riches of human life.”

Jerry Seinfeld


Personal Energy

Energy is everything. It goes beyond status, power, and money. Personal Energy is difficult to measure, as our energy levels vary.

There are 3 types of energy:

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    Managing Personal Energy

    • Mindfulness meditation is an excellent tool to improve our focus and awareness. We can enhance our mental energy by integrating our mind through meditation, instead of getting lost in ...

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    Procrastination is an emotion management problem

    Happens when we feel uncomfortable (anxiety, overwhelm ) toward a task. We want to do it, but end up doing something else that feels better.  We run away from our negative thoughts and emoti...

    The #1 skill to overcome procrastination

    Facing a task, experiencing the uncomfortable emotions associated with it and doing the task despite those  emotions.

    Our mind is a reason-giving machine

    It rationalizes the shit out of anything that’s just a little bit uncomfortable and create excuses as to why we shouldn’t do something now. Those excuses are irrational, but sound superficially reasonable. 

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    Get More Sleep

    Lack of sleep can result in you feeling lethargic, grumpy and tired. If you often feel this way, you may want to consider whether you’re getting enough sleep.

    Try and aim for around 7 hour...

    Reduce Stress

    Feelings of stress can mean that you struggle to concentrate, experience racing thoughts, difficulty switching off and tiredness.

    Strategies to improve your energy levels include taking some time for yourself to relax, reading or going for a walk.

    Move More

    One study found that sedentary people with persistent, unexplained fatigue decreased their tiredness by around 65% just by regularly participating in low-intensity cycling.

    Get up and move your body like brisk walking or cycling to boost your energy levels.

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    Your brain can be changed

    Neuroscience has shown that the adult brain remains malleable throughout life.

    The circuits we use most often become stronger and more efficient — the ones we don't use, shrink and fade away....

    How to control a wandering mind

    To change anything in the brain, you have to focus your attention on the task at hand. However, most find it challenging to concentrate for long periods of time without daydreaming.

    Curb your wandering mind by working out the cause for the wandering. Procrastination is a psychological coping mechanism that kicks in during times of stress.

    Brain target

    • The default mode network of our brain, responsible for mind-wandering and creativity, needs to be turned down when we want to work for any length of time.  
    • The brain's dorsal attention network - the part that helps us make decisions and focus on a task - moves into action when we are deliberately focusing on a task.

    When people are less able to focus for any length of time, they are leaning more heavily on the left hemisphere of their brain, while the right hemisphere is not working as hard as it should be working.

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