How to Survive Self Isolation, According to an Astronaut | Digital Trends

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How to Survive Self Isolation, According to an Astronaut | Digital Trends
With so many of us staying home and practicing social distancing due to the global pandemic of coronavirus, officially called COVID-19, people are thinking about how to stay sane and achieve some goals while stuck in self-isolation. To help with this, retired Canadian astronaut and national treasure Chris Hadfield has made a video offering advice on how to cope with isolation.


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How to survive self-isolation

How to survive self-isolation

... according to astronaut Chris Hadfield:

  • Understand the real risk. Generalized fear is not helpful. Search for credible sources to find out the real level of risk that you are...



Another kind of crisis

During the weeks and potentially months of isolation, there will be widespread loneliness. Because we have to cancel the in-person events, is doesn't mean we can't create a digital gathe...

Unwanted gatherings

In the current crisis, people may find themselves forced together with people they don't want to be forced together with.

If you are forced together with a roommate, you don't like, set some ground rules with each other. Find out how you are going to navigate this new experience, so you all stay safe and have a little joy.

Those who are in a situation of abuse should contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline to seek help.

Living alone

There's a difference between being alone and being lonely. 

Part of this time might be dedicated to read a book or find ways to create, doing a painting, or physical things.

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Keep a regular routine

It is important to have a routine if you are working from home or looking after your kids. It could mean set times you do things, getting up and dressed, or doing tasks around the house.

How to deal with worry

When worry comes, and you think if it is something you can tangibly get hold of and do something about, think about the steps you would go through to resolve the problem.

If it is a worry that hasn't happened yet, but might, you need to wait for more information before you can do anything about it.

The International Space Station

The International Space Station

The ISS is a multi-nation super satellite, the largest single construct in space, made between 1998 and 2011.

  • As of 2018, 230 astronauts and 18 countries have visited the Internat...

ISS Journey Around Earth

The International Space Center circles the globe every 90 minutes at a speed of 17,500 mph. It flies at an altitude of 248 miles above Earth.

It holds a crew of three to six people, and for a long time, used the Russian Soyuz spacecraft as a way to transport astronauts. SpaceX has sent 2 more astronauts in May 2020, using their Special Dragon Spacecraft, courtesy Elon Musk.

Activities of ISS

Astronauts mainly perform experiments and do maintenance at the ISS. They also do some personal care and exercise, reach out to Earth to conduct some media or school events, and occasionally perform spacewalks. They also use a bit of Twitter.

Human health research, especially eye problems are a major activity. Biological activities, animal tests and testing of appliances in space is also done.

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