How Will The New Virus Affect Future Travel Behavior? A Travel Crisis Expert Explains

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How Will The New Virus Affect Future Travel Behavior? A Travel Crisis Expert Explains
A conversation with Lori Pennington-Gray, director of the Tourism Crisis Management Initiative at the University of Florida, about travel anxiety in 2020. Since 2007, the Tourism Crisis Management Initiative at the University of Florida has studied many disasters that have threatened the travel industry, from hurricanes to the Zika virus.


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Travel and pandemics

Worldwide, travel for business and vacation has been disrupted by the spread of the new virus. It is a global crisis impacting every facet of the tourism industry in every country. 


It’s A Big Deal

Initial response to postponing trips (in Feb 2020) was in fact lower than January due to information going around that the disease doesn’t affect the young, and it’s not such a big deal. Both p...


Anxiety Over Travel

Most people ask about the timeframe of the crisis being over. What has to be understood is that different geographical locations have a different level of crisis waves, and the situation has to ...


The Future Of The Travel Industry

The Future Of The Travel Industry

While the travel industry will rebound quickly, initially travel may be to nearby destinations, and more people would prefer driving than taking a plane.


The Young and The Rich

The well-off are more interested in traveling due to the fact that their self-efficacy makes them take more risks. Similarly, the young lot is more prone to risk-taking, being adventurous and energ...



Welcome To 2020

Welcome To 2020

Millions of employees of the travel and tourism industry are now without jobs. While some people are looking at a future ‘recovery’ of the tourism business, going back to a pre-pandemic world isn't...

A Silent Retreat

Nature, silence, and solitude are now extreme luxuries. We travel not to run from one place to another but to escape the crowd, find nature, breathe fresh air, and witness beauty.

Good travel expands our minds and connects us to different cultures, and common humanity.

Human Inequality

Traveling shows human inequality and what all traffic, noise and ‘commercial development’ has done to our planet.

We get to witness global warming due to the CO2 emissions, and the stale, toxic air in big cities.

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Travelling And Philosophy

Recreational and exploratory travel has two main motivations; travel for 'change' for new experiences, leading to inner transformation, and travel to 'show', which revolves aroun...

The Same Journey

Travelers and philosophers are pushing the limits of their knowledge, seeing how the world works. There is an undeniable link in exploring the oceans and even other planets, and in crafting radically new questions delving into the mind's uncharted territory.

The tools may be different, but the essential journey is the same, with travelers affecting philosophy and philosophers affecting travel.

Shape your perspective

Instead of focussing on the negatives in the situation, deliberately discover what is still going right. 

In choosing your perspective you are keeping the problem from consuming you.

Be solution-focused

Break the problems into workable pieces. Ask yourself how you can manage each piece.

Find opportunities

Every crisis presents opportunities for growth. Think how someone else you admire might handle the situation.

How can your crises shape you for the better?

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