Isolation is hard. Here's how to feel a little less alone, with digital gatherings or just a book.

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Isolation is hard. Here's how to feel a little less alone, with digital gatherings or just a book.
This story is part of a group of stories called Alongside hand-washing, the most important advice health experts are sharing in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic is the same: Stay away from others.


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Another kind of crisis

During the weeks and potentially months of isolation, there will be widespread loneliness. Because we have to cancel the in-person events, is doesn't mean we can't create a digital gathe...


Unwanted gatherings

In the current crisis, people may find themselves forced together with people they don't want to be forced together with.

If you are forced together with a roommate, you don't like, set s...


Living alone

There's a difference between being alone and being lonely. 

Part of this time might be dedicated to read a book or find ways to create, doing a painting, or physical things.


Rethinking schools and business

Some people find they get a lot out of working or learning from home. The assumptions of why we do what we do are upended. New ways of being will come together because the current crisis is unprece...


Rituals we might leave behind

Before the outbreak, people used to think to just get over the social stuff and get straight to business. At this moment, people are fighting for structured, meaningful connection time.



Social gathering

When all this is over, we'll be more aware and very deeply grateful for the way we gather. 

We'll also find other ways to create warmth across distances. We'll be surprised how much d...



How to survive self-isolation

How to survive self-isolation

... according to astronaut Chris Hadfield:

  • Understand the real risk. Generalized fear is not helpful. Search for credible sources to find out the real level of risk that you are...

Locked Down

Locked Down

The ongoing lockdown has ensured mandatory time off for many, resulting in youngsters participating in challenges and micro-trends on Zoom, TikTok, Instagram and other social networking hangouts.

Quarantine Trends: Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee is an early ‘Quarantine Trend’ that took place roughly at the same time that the Lockdowns were enforced around the world. It involves making a frothy coffee using sugar, instant coffee and hot water. 

It went viral on sites like TikTok due to most people being home and wanting to make something that does not require much ingredients or effort. Plus it is delicious to drink too!

Virtual Parties

The video conferencing software Zoom is being used to host virtual PowerPoint parties, happy hours, family get-togethers and religious events. 

While most of these are a form of chatting, via video the PowerPoint parties are something of a new fad, as it requires participants to create short creative presentations, which can get unpredictable and hilarious.

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Vivid dreams

During the 2020 pandemic, many people anecdotally reported surreal and more vivid dreams than usual.

Some theorize that the onset of vivid imagery is a result of changing sleep schedules. O...

Stress about a global pandemic

The continuity theory of dreams hypothesizes that people dream about the stuff they're thinking about and doing while they are awake.

Some researchers believe that dreams have a functional purpose that prepares us for difficult or challenging situations when we awake.

Similar types of dreams

The biggest variables that influence your dreams have to do with your regular sleep cycles. If it is a very traumatic event, people will experience nightmares.

People are also thinking more about their dreams, which makes them remember their dreams better.