Perspective | Five myths about hippies

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Perspective | Five myths about hippies
During a special summer 50 years ago, young people from all over America flooded into San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury neighborhood in hopes of joining the hippies, a new group of rebellious dreamers vowing to teach anyone who would listen how to find peace, love and happiness. It was the Summer of Love.


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A phenomenon of the 1960s

A phenomenon of the 1960s

Hippies may be the most famous symbol of the 1960s, but they only really became popular in the early 1970s, when their numbers and influence peaked.

  • The hippies' drug subculture in ...


Coastal cities or rural communes

One of the myths related to hippies is that they lived only in coastal cities or rural communes.

The earliest surge of hippie culture took place in coastal cities such as San Francisco, N...


Protesting in the streets

Many people think hippies with flowers in their hair were at the heart of the antiwar movement. However, antiwar protesters and hippies were usually two different groups.

  • Hippies p...


Sexual liberation

To many, hippies were associated with free love, but that was more legend than fact.

While hippies were more sexually adventurous, they mostly stuck to heterosexual monogamy. The parties ...


The hippie fad vanished

It's less the case that hippies died out, and more the case that all of us became hippies. The number of countercultural practices once seen is now widely accepted.

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    The meaning of Genius

    The true meaning of the word 'Genius' has been lost in translation in history.

    Nowadays it is referred and related to 'achievement', which was not the original meaning. Real genius...

    Genius And Genetics

    It is a myth that genius parents have genius offspring.

    There is no genius gene and genetics can be part of the mix, along with attitude, commitment, and a certain mind-set.

    Genius And High IQ

    Being a Genius does not equate a high intelligence quotient. Real, creative genius is less about intelligence and more about having an elevated vision.
    Genius does not require encyclopedic knowledge or an impressive degree.

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    Online Dating: A History

    Online Dating: A History

    Online dating didn’t really begin with the advent of the internet.

    The need to communicate to other human beings for love, companionship and sex goes back centuries, with each new technolog...

    The First Personal Ads

    With the advent of the modern newspaper in 1690, it took a mere five years for the first personal ads to appear in Britain.

    One of the very first personal ads was from a 30-year-old man who was seeking young women with a good personal fortune.

    Forbidden Affairs

    LGBT communities took to the discreet personal ads, as homosexuality was banned in the UK till as late as 1967.

    The 1700s saw the first ads with coded words, female names as an attempt to find companionship, forbidden by society.

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    To make a marriage work, you have to be the right person.

    Rather than looking for the right partner, become aware of your blind spots, growing edges and vulnerabilities. Take r...

    You can’t avoid marital conflict

    Blaming, oversimplifying, and seeing oneself as a victim are all common traits of unhappy couples and failed marriages.

    Conflicts should be approached by looking together at the problem.

    A good marriage takes skill

    Most of us don’t have adequate communication skills going into marriage. It is important to build this skill.

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