The micro-trends of quarantine, from dalgona coffee to PowerPoint parties

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The micro-trends of quarantine, from dalgona coffee to PowerPoint parties
This story is part of a group of stories called In my first full week of working from home, I was on a quest to figure out how to make coffee - that didn't taste absolutely revolting - without a coffee maker.


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Locked Down

Locked Down

The ongoing lockdown has ensured mandatory time off for many, resulting in youngsters participating in challenges and micro-trends on Zoom, TikTok, Instagram and other social networking hangouts.


Quarantine Trends: Dalgona Coffee

Quarantine Trends: Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee is an early ‘Quarantine Trend’ that took place roughly at the same time that the Lockdowns were enforced around the world. It involves making a frothy coffee using sugar, instant cof...


Virtual Parties

Virtual Parties

The video conferencing software Zoom is being used to host virtual PowerPoint parties, happy hours, family get-togethers and religious events. 

While most of these are a form of chatt...


Baking Bread

Baking Bread

Sitting at home, many are practicing ‘Procrastibaking’, that is baking exotic bread. Baking is also therapeutic, as it involves mixing, kneading and shaping of the dough, making good use of the han...


Something To Do

All the online challenges and virtual group activities going on during the pandemic may be due to our inherent need to always wanting to ‘do something’, unable to give ourselves any identity by jus...



Vivid dreams

During the 2020 pandemic, many people anecdotally reported surreal and more vivid dreams than usual.

Some theorize that the onset of vivid imagery is a result of changing sleep schedules. O...

Stress about a global pandemic

The continuity theory of dreams hypothesizes that people dream about the stuff they're thinking about and doing while they are awake.

Some researchers believe that dreams have a functional purpose that prepares us for difficult or challenging situations when we awake.

Similar types of dreams

The biggest variables that influence your dreams have to do with your regular sleep cycles. If it is a very traumatic event, people will experience nightmares.

People are also thinking more about their dreams, which makes them remember their dreams better.

Banana bread is a favorite

Banana bread is a favorite

Banana bread has always been popular. In the age of the pandemic, there is a soaring spike of interest in this food above other daily favorites.

Kitchen novices and professional chefs thi...

Avoiding food waste

Buying produce is a bit tricky these days. But bananas are at low risk. You eat them fresh, or when they are overripe, you put them in the freezer until you have enough to make banana bread.

The first banana recipe was published in 1933 during the Great Depression as a means of stretching a week's groceries.

An achievement for anybody

  • You don't have to be a great baker to make banana bread a success. It is an easy-to-reach achievement in a time when we're all feeling defeated.
  • It is also a great canvas for experimentation. Beer can be incorporated as well as shredded coconut, dark chocolate or cinnamon. Traditional flour can be substituted with coconut flour.
  • For some, baking banana bread has a meditative quality. Others find that it helps to maintain their sanity. It feels like an active form of self-care.

Another kind of crisis

During the weeks and potentially months of isolation, there will be widespread loneliness. Because we have to cancel the in-person events, is doesn't mean we can't create a digital gathe...

Unwanted gatherings

In the current crisis, people may find themselves forced together with people they don't want to be forced together with.

If you are forced together with a roommate, you don't like, set some ground rules with each other. Find out how you are going to navigate this new experience, so you all stay safe and have a little joy.

Those who are in a situation of abuse should contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline to seek help.

Living alone

There's a difference between being alone and being lonely. 

Part of this time might be dedicated to read a book or find ways to create, doing a painting, or physical things.

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