Tough Problems: Relationships in the Time of Isolation

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Tough Problems: Relationships in the Time of Isolation
This is the latest in the Tough Problems series. In each, I respond to two composite questions from my clients. Dear Dr. Marty: I finally felt ready to start dating again, and then the coronavirus hit. What am I supposed to do-keep six feet away?


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Dating in the time of Pandemics

During normal periods of time, it is quite challenging to find the right person, even though nowadays there are many applications that enable us to meet new people. If you add to this challenge the...


Save your marriage while lockdown 

As everyone is being forced to stay at home these days, some couples might find this situation difficult to handle. If you are having a tough period with your partner, you might want to consider be...



Take some additional precautions

Single people don't have to put a pause on their dating activities until after the current crisis, but they should take some precautions.

  • It is smart to ask your potential partner i...

Taking the relationship further

Even if your soon-to-be partner shows no symptoms, they could be a carrier of the virus.

Instead of getting physical, get to know someone on an emotional level. Ask about your hopes, dreams, philosophies and passions. Share your fondest memories.

Redefining love

The current global epidemic has transformed relationships, dating, and sex. 

Lovers and family members are suffering aching separations as borders have closed. Weddings have been post...

Redefining communities

  • The pandemic is influencing and changing the way we define a community, with people across the world gathering every day on balconies to applaud medical workers, perform music and even run marathons.
  • Millions of single people stuck indoors have turned to the internet to go on virtual yoga dates, attend karaoke parties or blow out candles at WhatsApp birthday get-togethers.

The shortness of life

Lockdowns around the globe are giving rise to a new togetherness for some and amplifying friction and conflict for others.
The external global context makes you realize that life is short. So if someone is in a bad relationship, they're probably going to decide to leave while they still can. Or the total opposite, decide that they might as well get married and have kids.

Dating during the pandemic

As we are currently facing a difficult period with the new virus pandemic, people all over the world are forced to obey the rule of social distancing. 

This might be pretty challengin...

Relationship transformations 

Due to the current pandemic, we find ourselves forced to stay at home practically all the time. When in a relationship, this might have two different outcomes: whether the relationship strengthens, as partners finally have the time to enjoy each other or it ends, as the persons involved reach the conclusion that no real tie bonds them anymore.