Why Sports Fans are Sports Fans - Wait But Why

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Why Sports Fans are Sports Fans - Wait But Why
Throughout the world, the way people feel about sports spans a wide range. Let's start with what we know about the non-sports side of the spectrum- To non-sports fans, caring about sports makes no sense.


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Non-sports fans

To Non-sports fans, caring about sports seems pointless.

  • To them, there's a bunch of strangers getting paid to play games against each other.
  • Ther...


Sports fans

Sports fans are sports fans because it’s entertaining.

  • The high drama. Because so many people are involved, it creates drama, which makes it a big hi...


Sports connect 

  • On a micro level, sports connects family and friends. Sports are a talking point that can add a level of closeness to friends or family that would otherwise not be there.


The fascination with sports

The fascination with sports
  • The sports world is fascinated with the drama of famous athletes away from the sports field.
  • Sports provide an escape from life when you're sick of your own issues.
  • Sport al...



Sports Fans

Sports Fans

Sports is a big deal across the world, with die-hard fans who are extremely emotional towards their home teams. It is hard to pinpoint the motivations of a sports fan, and why a win or a loss of a ...

Why We Love Sports

Sports psychologists have a list of why people love sports:

  • Sports carry self-esteem benefits.
  • Commercial reasons (money bets etc.).
  • Peer pressure of being part of their group.
  • Sports are exciting.
  • Sports is an aesthetically pleasing activity.
  • A venue for emotional expression.
  • Sports is an escape from real-world problems.
  • Sports provide a sense of connectedness and belonging.

Explaining Sports Appeal

  • Talent-Luck Theory: Sports appeals to a lot of people due to its ability to balance skill with randomness.
  • Mirror Neurons: Many fans are able to feel what the player is feeling, and experience the excitement first-hand in his mind, with no barrier between the self and the outside world.

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Sports in The Time Of Pandemics

Sports in The Time Of Pandemics

Due to the lockdown restrictions and sweeping curbs in outdoor activities, there are no new sporting events happening.

Sporting events have huge crowds, with so social distancing possible, ...

'No Audience' TV Sports

The option of conducting major sporting events for TV, without any live audience is being considered, but the risk to the hundreds and thousands of sports players, who would have to ignore health guidelines and play for other’s entertainment simply cannot be ignored.

Even if there is no audience, and there is ample testing done on the players, the sporting events are still a huge gathering of players, staff, officials and media personnel.

Bubble Environment

Playing in a closed and virus-free ‘bubble’ environment is discussed, but experts find it complicated and far-fetched. There are logistical, security and hospitality issues to grapple with.

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You're Responsible For The Outcome

When you play tennis, you're really competing with yourself. You're perpetually trying to improve: to hit shots faster, improve placement, surprise your opponent, make your footwork more efficient ...

You Must Be Hyperaware Of Yourself

Becoming a great tennis player is similar to being an excellent professional, you're constantly analyzing your weaknesses and strengths, and adjusting your game.

You can sabotage yourself by getting frustrated or being defeatist. Learning how to precisely manage yourself, and to stay calm and to dig deep in high pressure, high stakes situations can turn the tide of a match and a career.

You'll Fail Often

Great tennis players are unfazed by failure in the moment, they wait until the match is over to let emotions set in. 

Getting accustomed to failure and learning how to handle it well is what success is built upon.

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