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Frontend Lead Developer

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About us

Deepstash is one of the hottest startups right now. Created by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, Deepstash helps millions of people across the globe to discover life changing ideas. We develop mobile and web apps and work on becoming one of the forces for good in this world.

We are a small team, so:

  • Passion for the problem is our fuel. Every day is a struggle, but we keep an eye on the prize. We are passionate about helping people learn and improve themselves and that’s what keeps us going.
  • We find a way or a make a way. We have problems to solve and making up excuses doesn’t help us.
  • We thrive in uncertainty, as we have more questions than answers. Not problems, but opportunities to learn new things.

Our tech stack is made of:

  • Django (Python), PostgreSQL, Amazon Web Services on the back end
  • React Native / React + Next.js on the front end

What will you be doing?

Based on defined specs, you will work to:

  • Integrate front-end and back-end code, ensuring design integrity.
  • Design and develop large scale web applications.
  • Keep code easy to maintain and make it easy for others to contribute.
  • Take initiative in improving the software to address pain points in your own experience as a developer.
  • Manage and review code contributed by the rest of the team and work with them to get it ready for production.
  • Support and collaborate with our dev team in getting to the bottom of issues and come up with robust solutions.
  • Work with your devs to develop skills by providing tailored advice to improve performance, best practices, etc.


  • You should have a proven track record with React development, Typescript, ES6+ (4+ years). Ideally you’ve worked with Next.js as well.
  • Experience in managing a small team is a bonus but not required.
  • Demonstrated experience of shipping high-quality product features on schedule.
  • Good communicator - this position is fully remote so communication is paramount.
  • Be a partner for your colleagues in the dev team: help or lead the planning process, code reviews, commits etc. Provide guidance and help your colleagues when they get stuck.

Why the hell would you sign up for something like this?

Seems like a demanding job description, doesn’t it? Why would you do it?

  • Because you need a purpose in your life. Because working a 9-5 job, in large team, detached by the effects of your efforts sounds awful to you. Because you want your work to matter!
  • Because you understand that assuming responsibility is the only way to grow and develop yourself. Muscles don’t grow while you Netflix and chill on your sofa, but through the pain and sweat in the gym. The same is true for your career and your life.
  • Because you will be part of an awesome team of diverse top-performing individuals. And you understand that an entourage of self-driven people is the best gift for your future.
  • Because you are intelligent to know to never surrender your opportunity for security. You can always get a cozy secure job, but opportunities to join greatness are far in between.

On the benefits side:

  • You can make your own schedule.
  • Remote first: we don’t care when and where you work from.
  • Market-level salary
  • Stock options package

How to apply

Send us an email at hello [at] deepstash [dot] com. If applicable, please provide links to your LinkedIn, GitHub or Angelist profiles. Attach a CV, if you have one.


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