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Teenagers know themselves as much as adults do

Teenagers know themselves as much as adults do

There has been widely debated if teenagers should be trusted in taking their own decisions. Even though teenagehood is quite a blurry and discovery process, they know intrinsically and intuitively the secret rules which will govern the future society in which they will live.

Obstacles in trusting teenagers

Obstacles in trusting teenagers

Teenagers are bombarded with priorities other people want from them. Peer pressure that comes from people trying to use teenagers, be they companies, social or political groups. These peers are looking to manipulate and deviate them from the healthy path that they should go on.

Intuitive understanding

Intuitive understanding

Teenagers have an intuitive understanding of the world that it will be. They will live in a world made up primarily and created by their generation, therefore, they have a better understanding of their generation and they can easily adapt to life’s challenges in an universe which can be easily foreseen and understood by them.

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