Survival Lessons From Movies

  1. InDante’s Peak (1997) people refuse to acknowledge an expert pointing signs of an impending eruption from a dormant volcano and die for it. The lessons are to not live near a volcano, dormant or not, and to listen to experts.
  2. In The Wave (2016), a 300ft tsunami caused by the collapse of an unstable mountainside. In it, the main character survives the wave by getting in a car and buckling up his seat belt.
  3. In Armageddon(1998), a large asteroid comes hurtling towards Earth and a team of deep-sea oil drillers is trained to stop it. It’s best to train someone with the specific skills.
  4. In The Towering Inferno (1974) a huge fire starts in the world’s tallest building and the heroes put it out by blowing up the water tanks, but not before people die from a failing lift. Lesson being,take the stairs.
  5. In The Day After Tomorrow(2004) a second ice age happens and people survive by getting indoors, keeping the fire on and the draft out.
  6. InIndependence Day (1996) aliens invade Earth and are defeated by hackers and fighter pilots. But they had to get away from the targets and conflict zones first,and that’s the lesson of the movie.
  7. In San Andreas(2015) The Rock plays a rescue pilot amidst the biggest earthquake history and he saves people in absurdly dangerous situations. The lesson here is to stick with The Rock as he will save the day.

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How to survive a disaster from tsunamis to volcanoes, aliens and asteroids

How to survive a disaster from tsunamis to volcanoes, aliens and asteroids