Tips To Deal With Alien Invasion From Tv And Movies

  • Avoid Meteor Strike/Crash Sites: War of The Worlds tells us that inquisitive humans get incinerated first.
  • Avoid Communication Efforts: Mars Attacks, Monsters vs Aliens and Independence Day tells us that dialogue with just found alien species are often just traps to gather leaders together.
  • Avoid Iconic Structures:Independence Day, Doctor Who and Futurama say those are often destroyed first along with those around it.
  • Avoid Large Public Gatherings:Avengers, Star Trek and Spider-Man tells us that aliens like to cause panic and the bigger their audience the better.
  • Stick Near Water: the movie Signs tells us that staying close to a source of fresh, clean water that won't be affected by the destruction of plumbing is a good tip in any survival situation and it may just be that it is also toxic for the aliens.
  • Avoid Cleaning:War of The Worlds says our germs are likely to be highly dangerous to aliens who will not have developed any of our immunities.
  • Watch Out for Strange Behavior:The Faculty and many B-Movies indicates that strangeness is often the first sign that someone has been infected/brainwashed by the aliens and is no longer safe to be around.
  • Check The Back of The Neck:X-Files, Star Trek and The Matrix tells us many aliens can imitate or parasite humans often passing undetected; however, if evidence is present then the back of the neck is the most common location to find it.
  • Avoid Bees:the X-Files had specially engineered bees that infected the population with alien viruses through their stings. Patching up possible entry points and mosquito nets are advised.
  • Arm Yourself With a Stiletto: X-Files and Doctor Who indicate the back of the neck as a weakness in many alien species. A sharp weapon struck to the back of the neck seems to work.
  • Watch Out for Unmarked Trucks: X-Files and Close Encounters had the government carrying alien materials in unmarked trucks and trains to avoid arousing suspicion. Many of those in a location are a bad omen.
  • Stay Upstairs: Doctor Who gave us aliens so armored they couldn’t go up a flight of stairs.
  • If All Else Fails, Hitch-Hike:Sometimes you're just not going to be able to do anything useful to keep yourself safe, do it like in the The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy and travel away from trouble.

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Alien Colonization of Earth Starts Today: Our Top Survival Tips

Alien Colonization of Earth Starts Today: Our Top Survival Tips