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#7 Headspace: Meditation & Mindfulness

#7 Headspace: Meditation & Mindfulness

Getting too stressed? Taking time to relax is just as important as putting in the hours! Meditation can be a great way to unwind as it relaxes and encourages focus which will also help you when you get back to your studies.

Headspace has loads of different courses that are designed to help you with different aspects of your life. There’s a Sleep course which unsurprisingly helps with sleep and a Productivity courses which (you’ve guessed it) helps with productivity.

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Studying for your GCSEs or A Levels can sometimes be stressful and even a little overwhelming - but not to worry! Luckily there are tons of apps out there to get you org...

Find it hard to keep track of your upcoming exams? This app provides a handy visual reminder of all your important upcoming dates. You’ll keep yourself focused as you can easily check how much time you’ve got to cram before you sit each exam.

We love the fact that you can colour code all y...

Always sleeping in for class or right through your free study morning? You need the ultimate alarm clock. Enter Alarmy. It features super loud ringtones and ‘missions’ to complete before the alarm shuts off making it impossible to ignore or snooze.  

Choose from photo missions where you ta...

Want to focus better? Listening to music can help clear your mind and get things done. With Study Music, you can choose different music for different tasks like studying, reading and being creative.

Plus, you can add in nature sounds or alpha waves to your chosen music which has been said ...

Do you sit down to study only to get instantly distracted by calls, texts, emails or social media alerts? Then you need Offtime in your life!

It allows you to block incoming calls, texts and notifications for set periods of time and can also stop you accessing apps during this time so no m...

Mind mapping is a great study method as it helps organise your thoughts, spark your memory and come up with new ideas.

With SimpleMind you can create your own mind maps, or you can opt for one of the auto layouts and fill it in. You can work to any scale you like as it boasts a virtually un...

Evernote is way more than just a place to store notes. It’s the ultimate organisation app that lets you add to-do lists, images, webpages, memos and more!

Whatever way you like to keep yourself organised, we’re 99.9% sure there’s a function for it on this app. You can type up notes, handwr...

Flashcards are a great revision aid and this app allows you to take them with you wherever you go!

You can choose to create your own flashcards or search StudyBlue’s library of 500 million flashcards created by other users. You can easily customise the materials with images and audio makin...

If you’re more of a social learner, this is the app for you as it allows you to connect and collaborate with your friends, classmates, or even students on the other side of the world!

You can join in with countless Learning Groups on different study topics, share and post resources, and ge...

Designed for high school and uni students, this calendar app lets you build your own timetable to easily keep track of your classes, assignments and exams.

It lets you assign tasks to specific classes and comes with reminders so you don’t forget a thing! Plus, it comes with day and week ro...

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