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12. Leaders Focus on Sustainable Solutions – Not Quick Fixes.

12. Leaders Focus on Sustainable Solutions – Not Quick Fixes.

A boss will teach you what to do. A leader will show you how and why to do it.

A focus on the why is one of the most critical leadership approaches because it makes learning sustainable a...





Bosses keep you wondering or in fear just enough so that you tell them what they want to hear. At the least, bosses condition you not to say what they do not want to hear. This is why bosses don’t need a conflict management strategy – they just expect for everyone to agree with them.


This is a HUGE definer of a boss vs leader. A boss always wants to stay your boss. A leader – much like a parent – wants you to do better.

A leader would proudly build you to ‘the boss’ and build your

A boss focuses decisions on the competition. Leaders stay aware of their competition but operate with a legacy definition in mind. This also supports not making potentially bad decisions at the moment and focusing on ...

A boss holds you accountable. A leader grows the confidence and passion from within you to build self-accountability.

It is an incredible process to watch unfold and supports sustainable success all around. This is one the many

One of the biggest delineators of the boss vs leader is authority dependency. A boss depends on positional power to have an impact. Leadership influence in not dependent on power or position.

Some of the most fantastic leaders I have encountered had no authority over the people they influe...

A boss is a subject matter expert. A leader is an emotional and people expert. Great leaders are very sensitive, albeit not emotional which is why they have fantastic strategies for conflict resolution in t...

Bosses need you to perform well for their success. A leader wants you to feel successful even if you failed.

One of the incredible characteristics of a leader is linking individual success to the success of those they lead. If those people do not succeed, the leaders have failed in both th...

A boss focuses on what is right now – putting out the daily fires. A leader stays focused on doing what is right.

Out of all the characteristics of a leader, the ability to force your decisions past the chaos at the moment is the difference between success and failure.

Bosses determine their success by a title position or hierarchy in the business. A leader – especially a born leader – influences anywhere and everywhere.

Leaders define their success by the passion and impact of the people they influence. This is why I believe 

Bosses – and bad leaders – are driven by fear and reaction. A leader stays driven by passion and purpose – even during the challenging times of

Are you a leader or a boss? Intelivate simplifies the leader versus boss debate into twelve pictures that define the critical characteristics of a leader.

After working with thousands of leaders, these are the 12 greatest delineating characteristics of a leader in the leader vers...

No – I am not talking about Janet Jackson. A boss gets pleasure from being recognized for doing a great job. Leaders get pleasure out of seeing others rewarded for the fantastic results of their passion.

Imagine living in a world where everyone had the same pleasure principle as a leader. ...

Leader versus Boss: One of the top characteristics of a leader is to build your confidence – and success.


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While managers' objectives include providing a more stable organization of the enterprise as a whole, leaders are more driven by the idea of setting new and challenging directions, that could take the company to a higher level and have employees feel more motivated and inspired.




Confidence And Leadership

To be a stronger leader, you need to practice self-confidence. If you’re always second-guessing yourself and feeling shy around your coworkers, they won’t follow you.

Confident leaders have a strong sense of self and rarely express self-doubt. They understand who they are...




True leaders know who they are

They know their values and the rules they will abide by, regardless of the circumstances they face.

They communicate their values with the people they lead, creating an atmosphere of trust.