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Being an Internet of Things PM by Microsoft Product Manager

Being an Internet of Things PM by Microsoft Product Manager

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What is IoT?

IoT can be simply defined as a continuous feedback loop of Things -> Insights -> Actions

Though this in itself seems perfectly simple, it is indeed a complex digital loop. A digital loop that involves a lot of players together:

3 stages in the IoT customer journey

  1. Connect & Monitor — Ability to gain real-time insights and improve business processes.
  2. Analyze & Improve — Optimize usage of assets and/or deliver better products to customers.
  3. Transform & Expand — Develop new business opportunities, increase profitability, create more compelling business models.

5 thoughts on the future of IoT

  1. It is mostly a B2B story.
  2. Despite the buzz, it is still early in the market.
  3. We are going down the hypercycle.
  4. Cloud-edge computing is emerging as the new computing model
  5. Machines will have digital twins that can track past, understand the present and predict the future.

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