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Preparing For A UX Design Interview

The types of questions that you’re going to get asked are going to be completely dependent on the client, your job role and the project that you’re going to be working on. If going to be working on a project where you’re going to be expected to do a lot of user research and a lot of stakeholder management, then you’re going to get asked questions that relate to “how you work with stakeholders, what your user research process is about.”




The interviewer can ask “Have you experienced using XD? Have you experienced using Figma? Have you experienced using Jira? Have you experienced working in an agile team? Have you experienced working with design sprints?” 

You’re going to get asked questions where you just really have to tal...

“What type of designer are you?” And that sounds like quite a simple question, but actually, when you with the kind of the spotlight is put on you and you’re there and you have to think, what kind of a designer am I? Is quite hard to answer, and it’s quite challenging, and I can’t remember what I...

So let’s say you’re interviewing for a UX role where there’s quite a lot of research going to be involved. Not necessarily like a pure user research role, but you’re going to be expected to do some user testing, some usability testing.

If you’ve done that in a project, spend a bit of time ...

If you’re interviewing for a role where you’re going to be doing more of a user interface role and you’re going to maybe be working with UX designers, you’re going to be working with developers, you’re going to be maintaining a design system or design library, then you’re going to go ask question...

The other thing to say is that the style of interview is going to be completely dependent on the organization, the organization’s personality, management style and the personalities of the people that work there. You might go to an interview, a start-up and just basically have what amounts to a r...

You are surely going to be asked “introduce yourself and talk a little bit about yourself and what you’ve been up to,” and this is really your opportunity to go to interviews with a case study prepared, so you want to go to the interview with stuff that’s ready to talk about. Maybe it’s a couple ...

Towards the end of the interview, you’ll get the opportunity to ask questions and this is an opportunity to show that you’re interested in the company or the business, and it gives you an opportunity to figure out whether it’s the kind of place you would like to work for or work at. Like I said e...

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