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#5: Enjoy Wealth Creation!

Money is a necessity at a certain level, but you have the freedom to do what you want once you get past that point. You can retire, work, invest, invent or do anything else.

But how do you get there? There are three main ways to enjoy your life and your wealth creation.

First, you can get by on passive income. This means you make enough money to cover your expenses, all without having to work anymore. Although fun, this isn’t realistic for many people.


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On The Creation Of Wealth

There is a limited amount of money in the world but wealth is unlimited. Wealth can be created through work and new ideas.

Companies aim to create wealth and so do you when you join one. In a company your work is averaged with that of others so it obscures your actual contribution.

Income and wealth are related, but it's a complicated relationship

Income and wealth are related, but it's a complicated relationship

A high income can lead to great wealth — although it doesn't always — but they're not the same thing. Earning money is only part of the equation. What you do with the money you earn has a profound impact on your wealth. 

3 Ways to Retire:

3 Ways to Retire:

What you really want is freedom. Retirement = freedom from your money problems. There are 3 ways:

  1. You keep your burn rate under your passive income (make your money work for you)
  2. You keep your burn rate to 0 (you become a monk)...

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