Step 2: Reframing Your Approach To Goals

Step 2: Reframing Your Approach To Goals

Emotional exhaustion colors our perception negatively, leading to disengagement and feelings of doubt/distrust.This cynicism demotivates andleads to burnout, as we focus on avoiding losses more than on approaching gains.

Cynicism recovery happens by reframing the motivational system into one that is more approach driven (as opposed to avoidance driven), as it generates more excitement and less procrastination. To do that:

  1. Separate the list made on step 1 into approach focused and avoidance focused goals
  2. Reframe the avoidance-based goals into approach-focused goals.
  3. Some goals you can’t reframe, describe their solution in detail. Patient Using the format “IF {situation} THEN I will {behavior}. ”

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