Precautions for food-related businesses

Safety for staff.

  • Staff should keep a six feet distance between themselves at all times.
  • Encourage your staff to take the epidemic seriously.
  • Hold meetings remotely when possible.
  • Create systems for a contact-free exchange of necessary documents, food, and equipment.
  • Prop open any doors that are regularly accessed.
  • Ensure that handwashing stations, in particular, are well-maintained.
  • Provide hand-sanitizing stations to non-kitchen workers.

Safety for customers and the community:

  • Transition to take-out only service.
  • Remove all physical menus and payment points.
  • Switch to no-contact payment methods.
  • Offer contact-free door opening if possible.
  • Offer contact-free pickup.
  • Remove anything that may result in more than one customer touching the same surface.

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