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Meditation : Why and How for Beginners?

Meditation : Why and How for Beginners?

Meditation can help you manage emotions, reduce stress, and improve focus. It's crucial for dealing with modern life and can boost mental and emotional well-being.

To get started, find a comfortable position and focus on your breath. Consider it as a way to connect with the divine and focus on your chosen deity. By regularly taking a few moments to meditate, you can learn to control your wandering thoughts and tap into your inner power to find solutions and create desired outcomes.

  • Dedicate daily time to meditate
  • Find a comfortable position
  • Focus on your breath
  • Practice consistently


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I found a random video about meditation on my YouTube feed and watched it. It was interesting and gave you some new ideas about mental health and emotions. Check it out if you're facing similar struggles.

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Zen meditation

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The goal is to find a comfortable position, focus on breathing and mindfully observing one's thoughts without judgement.

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At first,...


Now get comfortable and close your eyes. Picture a tortoise withdrawing into its shell. Like that tortoise, you’re withdrawing your attention from everything around you and channeling your focus inward. 

Imagine a light, warm and radiant, emanating from the center of your forehead. Take you...

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