Applying the 80/20 Rule in Goal Setting

  • Assess your goals. Work on the most valuable all the time.
  • Work on the tasks with the greatest impact.
  • Think like a wealthy person. Do what one does.
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Time Management


Identifying Productivity Constraints

What restraints you from achieving your goals? Are they learned feelings of helplessness? Or are they just simply excuses? Remember, whatever you have learned, you can unlearn. 

If your real goal is to dream big dreams and to live without limits, you can set this as your standard and compare everything that you do against it.

Brian Tracy

“When your goals are clear, you will come up with exactly the right answer at exactly the right time”

Make Dream a Reality

A dream is the root of all success, for having a dream does not limit you on what you can do. Successful people allow themselves to lean back and imagine the kind of life that is possible for them.

Clarity. Have a clear vision of your desires and future to help you stay focused on your goals.
Competence. Commit yourself to doing something that enables you to become better at doing the most important things in your field.
Concentration. Persevere, without diversion or distraction, in a straight line toward accomplishing your goals.

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the 80/20 rule- how can it change your life

The 80-20 rule, that 80% of an outcome generally came from only 20% of its inputs.

Take advantage of this knowledge and find out what that activities are a part of that 20 percent.

For example, say you're an agency owner looking for clients. You spend 30 minutes a day emailing potential clients and 1 hour messaging and maintaining the businesses social media account. Only 1 client was referred to you by social media, whereas you have 5 clients were gained through email. It's clear that you should shift your time to email outreach if you want to maximize your clients.

The Pareto Principle Misapplications
  • Putting inputs and outputs on the same level: Inputs and outputs aren’t the same thing and, therefore, can’t be put into the same pie chart.
  • Using a literal, mathematical interpretation of the rule: The numbers here aren’t that important.
  • Mastering a skill can be one of those areas where the 80/20 advice is faulty: The point of the 80/20 rule is that you should downplay or minimize the inefficient 80% of inputs.
  • Not being able to escape less valuable tasks: Yes, there are some unimportant tasks you still have to do. But you do have control in adjusting where time gets spent.

Don't be afraid to think big, because when you begin limiting the amount of success you desire, you start to cut down on the amount of action needed, and this will make success far from you.

"Success is the progressive actualization of a worthy goal."

The 10X Rule

by Grant Cardone

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