Pain and motivation can overcome fear. - Deepstash

Pain and motivation can overcome fear.

  • Define your nightmare.
  • what is the absolute worst thing that can happen if you did what you are considering?what steps can you take to repair the damage?
  • what are the outcomes both temporary and permanent or more probable scenarios?
  • what’s the most positive or probable outcome if you take on the things that you fear?
  • what are you avoiding? what are you putting off of fear? usually what you fear is something that you need to do.
  • what is it potentially costing you not to act instead of your fear?


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Questions to Overcome Fear

Questions to Overcome Fear

Moving out of the country or changing jobs are hard. Tim Ferriss recommends asking these questions to manage your fear:

  • What is your absolute worst-case scenario?
  • What could you do to repair the damage

Brain Vomit Questions

Brain Vomit Questions

Now, as you are constantly reading, be interactive with your brain and take out pen, paper, and vomit your thoughts subjectively about the following questions-

  • Define your nightmare, the absolute worst that could happen if you did what you are considering.
  • What steps you could ...

Fear-Setting and Escaping Paralysis

Write down the answers in a sheet of paper-

  1. What is the worst thing that can happen to you?
  2. How likely that would actually happen?
  3. How could you get things back under control?
  4. What will be the outcomes? temporary and permanent.
  5. What you have done wrong?

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