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3️⃣ The way they dress

3️⃣ The way they dress

  • Those who dress casually are often laid back and easygoing people who value comfort over style and don't care much for impressing others.
  • Whereas those who like to wear colorful clothes and fun patterns are usually creative and artistic types who want to express themselves through their fashion sense.
  • Floral prints and dresses convey femininity and grace.
  • While active wear and sporty clothes reveal confidence and dependability.
  • Formal attire exudes sophistication and assertiveness.

6️⃣ How they make eye contact

6️⃣ How they make eye contact

Appropriate eye contact is a good way for someone to signal that they're paying attention to you and that they're interested in what you're saying.

But those who often break eye contact may be nervous, uncomfortable or distracted.

Shy people also have trouble looking someone in the eye for too long especially if they find the other person attractive or intimidating.

  • Dilated pupils indicate desire.
  • Rapid or excessive blinking conveys distress.
  • Narrowed eyes show that the other person may be threatened or suspicious of you.

2️⃣ Their social media accounts

2️⃣ Their social media accounts

  • Their social media presence shows how connected they want to be.
  • while their privacy setting shows how much they're comfortable sharing with people.
  • The pictures they post or share tell you a lot about what they like whether it's going out with friends, eating good food or watching movies.
  • The things they tweet about can give you a lot of insight into their likes dislikes and opinions as well.

5️⃣ How they treat strangers

5️⃣ How they treat strangers

American author Dave Berry once said "A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person."

The way in which you treat people of lower social status than you or people who have nothing to offer you is a telling aspect of your character

when someone is rude or disrespectful to a stranger like a barista or a server it shows that they're superficial and over privileged.

It can signify that they're only charming or kind when they have something to gain from the other person.

7️⃣ The shopping cart theory

7️⃣ The shopping cart theory

It puts in position that whether or not we choose to return the shopping cart once you're done with it.

Returning the shopping cart is easy and convenient but not all together necessary.

There's nothing to gain from returning your shopping cart so the only reason someone would do so, is because they know it's simply the right thing to do

To return the cart is to do so out of nothing more than decency, kindness and common courtesy from their thoughts and feelings to their true character.

4️⃣ Their taste in music

4️⃣ Their taste in music

Getting to look at someone's personal playlist can inform you about their inner world.

  • Those who mostly listen to jazz, soul and R&B tend to be sensitive, poetic, passionate and deep.
  • While people who like acoustic and folk music are usually thoughtful, calm and warm.
  • Those who enjoy pop and dance music are often upbeat, fun, outgoing and cheerful.

1️⃣ Their body language

1️⃣ Their body language

  • Facial cues like smiling convey happiness.
  • Burrowed brows denote confusion.
  • Biting at your lip means you're worried, anxious or distressed.
  • Clenched fists indicate anger or frustration crossed arms are a sign of defensiveness.
  • Fidgeting can mean boredom, impatience or deepthought.

Learning how to better read someone else's body language can go a long way in helping you understand what someone is thinking.

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