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4. Opus (skill set in an employable field):

  • The focus is on the person’s skills that are desired by the labor market to ensure and enhance their employability.
  • For example any in-demand job skill or any job skill you want to have.

This may take away part of the individual’s worries and stress while functioning in the economy and corporate society.




You are supposed to hunt for the best conditions.(i.e. Kairos) and bad conditions(i.e. Anti Kairos)


  • Note down the feelings and thoughts of the day.

If there is a significant event or note worthy incident, they should log ...

In Phase 1, the scheme has folowing rules:

  1. One must commit to an activity in each domain of their life.
  2. There are 4 domains: Pnuema (character cultivation), Psyche (intellectual ability),

This domain is not about mental capability from memorizing details to manipulating numbers or abstract concepts instead,

There are 2 foci in this domain — encraty (self-control) and volition (self-will).

  1. Encraty (self-control) regards having the control when the ...

For Phase 1, the objective is

  1. Get used to understanding how to use the system. Start with a habit that is so easy and trivial for you, there is little to negligible inertia to begin with.
  2. Increase the task gradually and lightly.
  3. Mic...

  1. Add 2 points for completing a daily task in any domian (for that particular domain only)
  2. Minus 2 points , if one fail their contract (task) in any domain.
  3. Plus 1 , if one can do another 50% in any domain.
  4. If an attemp...

To win the game successfully one must follow below 3 Cardinals :

Cardinal Principle 1 (Milo’s Paradigm):

  • Performing changes/tasks that are easy, gradual, incremental, and subconsciously done.
  • The only conscientious thing is daily review....

Aim is to rewire the human behavior and thinking through continuous induced conditioning.

You can become an enhanced version of yourself.

  1. Through neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, you can re-condition your self by acquiring skil...

This is the central idea of getting the state and method to that state to re-engineer the person.

  • `Kairos` is a Greek concept of the state of `optimal time, place, way, and with whom ` of doing things.
  • 'Anti-...

These Cardinals helps to solidify the habits into reflexes.

Cardinal 1 :

  • It keeps one’s mind on their plan and its momentum.

Cardinal 2 :

  • Holds the person on track throughout their chain o...

This domain focuses on mental faculty that empowers mental clarity and enhaces the range of awareness about various topics.

The scheme is not complete without the synergy of body and mind.

  • In this domain, the subject focuses on elevating their stamina, strength and both their mental and physical endurance.

  • A way to help diagnose a number of conditions.
  • Analogously to the “breath test” done to check how a person is breathing in medical diagnosis, by analyzing human endurance
  • In this case, we can measure the amount work load a person can take, and the factors that deter...

  • With all the above progressing in tandem, subjects can gradually morph his/her character as if they are re-adapting to be another version of themselves — "faster, stronger, smarter and kinder."

… to be continued — in

1. Pnuema(character cultivation)

2. Psyche(intellectual ability)

3. Soma (physical ability)

4. Opus (skill set in an employable field)

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Situations Reveal you

Situations, even the simulated games, reveal ourselves to us, and also aid us to arrive at ideas, answers, and insights we would not have likely arrived at without them. Hence, the fastest way to learn and evolve is to create them.

Life is a game. I created one within the other to deal ...



  • Make it relevant:  if what you're telling someone isn't aligned with their goals in some way, the impact of your feedback will be limited.
  • Stay focused on a limited number of issues you want to address.
  • Provide context, if you hope to influence some...




The clearest thinkers tend to be those that draw from multiple disciplines.

Develop the habit of reading and eliminate/reduce the things that might stop you from doing that (e.g. mindless TV watching or checking social media constantly).