Don‘t set SCHEDULE build RITUAL ...

Don‘t set SCHEDULE build RITUAL ...

How do some of the most prolific artists in the world motivate themselves? They don't merely set SCHEDULE, they build RITUALS.

It’s a simple act, but doing it the same way each morning habitualizes it and makes it repeatable . It reduces the chance of skipping it or do it differently.

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How to apply RITUALS to get MOTIVATED ...

Top creatives isn’t dependent upon motivation or inspiration, but rather it follows a consistent pattern and routine.

Here are some examples of how you can apply ritual and routine to get motivated:

  • Become more creative:  Follow a creative ritual before you start writing or painting or singing.
  • Start each day stress-free:  Create a five-minute morning meditation ritual.
  • Sleep better:  Follow a “power down” routine before bed.
Power of RITUAL ....

The power of a ritual , is that it provides a mindless way to initiate your behavior.

A good ritual removes the need of thinking:

  • What should I do first?
  • When should I do this?
  • How should I do this?

A good ritual or routine makes starting a behavior to be easy and automatic so you have the strength to finish it when it becomes difficult and challenging.

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The essence of motivation

Every choice has a price, but when we are motivated, it is easier to bear the inconvenience of action than the pain of remaining the same.

In other words, at some point,  it becomes more painful to not do the work than to actually do it.

Two types of motivation

Motivation is categorized into two basic types: Extrinsic and intrinsic.

  • Extrinsic motivation is related to external forces like money or fame.
  • Intrinsic motivation is something that comes from within like joy or pride.
What is Self Motivation :

Self motivation is the ability to drive oneself to take initiative and action to pursue goals and complete tasks. It’s an inner drive to take action — to create and to achieve. It’s what pushes you to keep going on tasks, especially those you’re pursuing because you want to, not because someone told you to.

When reaching for a big goal, self-motivation plays a key role. But making a change in your life requires persistence, and many of us find it difficult to stay motivated over time.

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